The Bittinger Law Firm represents physicians and other health care professionals and organizations in administrative / professional licensing matters, quality assurance and peer review proceedings and regulatory cases before andĀ against both state and federal agencies. For example, if a physician receives a letter from the Florida Department of Health or Board of Medicine indicating that an investigation has commenced, we assist in a response to the investigation and follow through in the event the physician must appear before the Board for discipline.

Over the last 10 years the firm’s attorney has handled many professional licensing cases. Issues such as:

  • Deviations in the standard of care
  • Intemperate Use of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Criminal / Unprofessional Conduct
  • Disruptive / Abusive Behavior
  • Non-Therapeutic Prescribing
  • Inappropriate Billing Practices
  • Inadequate Documentation
  • Self Treating and Prescribing
  • Patient Abandonment
  • Reciprocal Discipline
  • Discipline by Peers
  • Wrong site Surgery

Unfortunately, the receipt of a disciplinary order from a state licensing agency is often preceded or followed by other regulatory action by entities such as the Drug Enforcement Administration or the Office of the Inspector General. Additionally, quality assurance investigations by hospital medical staffs may result in adverse action being taken against a physician or other health care provider with respect to his or her privileges. Because the firm’s attorney is experienced in a vast array of health law matters, she is well equipped to handle or alleviate oftentimes overlooked consequences that might otherwise go unnoticed.