The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 spawned dramatic changes to the structure of healthcare arrangements between physicians, hospitals and other providers and greatly impacted the way providers and facilities will be paid for treating patients.  As the Act is now the law of the land, the need for experienced health law counsel has never been as great as it is now for facilities, physician groups and other providers of healthcare services.

The impact of the Act, coupled with the burdens on physicians and pharmacies from the prescription drug epidemic in Florida, as well as decreased reimbursement to providers from insurers, has created a real need for the healthcare industry to navigate the laws governing it.


Our healthcare clients include:
•    Hospitals
•    Large physician groups
•    Ambulatory surgical facilities
•    Home health agencies
•    Laboratories
•    Professional associations and medical staffs
•    Urgent care centers
•    Clinical research companies


Practice Expertise:
•    Accountable care organizations
•    Clinical integration
•    Compliance plans and RAC or ZPIC audits
•    DEA compliance and defense
•    Health insurance reimbursement, contracts, audits and take backs
•    HIPAA privacy and security
•    Healthcare reform
•    Managed care and provider-payer relationships
•    Medicare reimbursement
•    Peer review and medical staff disciplinary actions
•    Physician group formation, shareholder agreements and employment agreements
•    Florida telemedicine


Our healthcare lawyers also work closely with consultants, certified professional coders and others who are knowledgeable about the practical aspects of the compliance required for healthcare reimbursement.