Physician Employment Agreements

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Physician employment agreements continue in importance. A reporter from the Wall Street Journal interviewed Ms. Bittinger last week on physician compensation and referral issues for a story she’s working on. She learned of Ms. Bittinger from her national speaking and writing on physician employment issues.

Continuing its long-standing advocacy for physicians, the firm is pleased to announce a new relationship with the Florida Medical Assocation. Once a month in FMA e-newsletters, we are highlighting the importance of physician employment agreements. A physician employment agreement is the platform for a physician’s our professional and financial future. Do you understand the terms? Question the wRVU or collections compensation formulas? Wonder if your non-compete is enforceable? Want to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars for tail insurance? Here’s a link to more information.

And if that new relationship alone wasn’t awesome, this month Ms. Bittinger was on a podcast to talk about physician employment agreement analysis and negotiation. The Hippocratic Hustle, founded by pediatric gastroenterologist and entrepreneur Carrie Reynolds, shares expert advice and the stories of women physicians who found their freedom via entrepreneurial pursuits or side-projects. These Ladies Hustle. The podcast also has a mission to help physicians find freedom in their finances, and achieve financial independence. The employment agreement is a good place to start for that. Thank you, Dr. Reynolds! Follow the Hustle in social media. Here’s a link to the podcast. Have fun listening!