The Health Law Handbook 25th Edition Published

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The Health Law Handbook, 25th Edition was published this week, containing a chapter written by Ann M. Bittinger.   The Handbook, edited by well-known Philadelphia health law attorney Alice G. Gosfield, brings together 16 authors of 13 chapters grouped in five topic areas: Fraud and Abuse, Protecting Health Information, Alignment, Physicians, and Out of the Box.

Ms. Bittinger’s chapter, in the alignment section, is entitled: The Boomerang Effect of Hospital/Physician Integration: Approaching Medical Practice Sales with an Eye on a Future Unwind.  In it, she discusses issues that should be documented for physician groups in hospital acquisitions of physician practices, with an eye towards the potential unwind that may result from some of them, whether based on failed expectations or mere dissatisfaction with the relationship.  The chapter evolved from Ms. Bittinger’s experiences in representing physician groups before, during and after they have merged with hospitals or healthcare systems.

Published by Thomson Reuters/Westlaw, the book is available here.