Counterfeit-proof pads: Writing controlled substance prescriptions

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If you’re confused about who needs to use counterfeit-proof prescription pads in Florida now, you’re not alone. This blog serves to provide a very limited summary of the new law:

  • Starting August 30, 2011, all physicians in Florida have to use a counterfeit-proof prescription pad for all controlled substance prescriptions. The pads must be purchased by an approved vendor. The quantity of the drug must be written out in both textual and numerical formats, and must be dated with the abbreviated month written out on the face of the script. This applies to all controlled substances, not just those prescribed for pain.

  • The new law requiring visits every 90 days applies to physicians who prescribe controlled substances for the treatment of chronic nonmalignant pain. Physicians who meet this criteria should be mindful of 1) the documentation requirements for histories and physicals and treatment plans, and 2) the need to update their practitioner profile to designate themselves as controlled substance prescribing practitioners.

  • The law changed on who has to register as a pain management clinic; certain specialists are now exempt.

  • The law was clarified on what physician assistants can do in pain management clinics.

  • Be mindful of the differences between dispensing and prescribing.

The following is a summary of the implementation timeline for components of the new law:

Currently– Physicians licensed as dispensing practitioners must register to input mandatory reporting requirements

August 30- Physicians and other Health Care Providers must use counterfeit resistant prescription pads or paper for prescriptions associated with controlled substances

September 1- Reporting by dispensing practitioners to begin, required every 7 days thereafter

September 8- First report by dispensing practitioners must be filed

October 1- Registration to access voluntary prescription drug database querying privileges begins

October 17- Physicians may begin to voluntarily query the database